Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 - Faculté de Droit

The Urban Littoral: A Framework to Understand Command and Control in Complex and Unpredictable Environments

The trends of rapid population growth, urbanization, littoralization, and hyper-connectivity from a communications and information point of view portend a new age of warfare centered around the urban-littoral operating environment. With this understanding, the study of this environment, and more specifically the conduct of war within it, seems increasingly important for military theorists, practitioners, and leaders. The complexity of this truly joint and all-domain milieu, which is highly interconnected and underscored by a multitude of characteristics to include dense civil populations, complex man-made terrain, communications and information hyper-connectivity, coastal geography and terrain, rapidly changing weather, various meteorological phenomena, and the effects of hydrography and oceanography, presents many challenges with respect to the execution of command and control (C2). This study seeks consequently to determine the ideal conception of C2 in the urban littoral, which should serve as a framework for understanding this function of warfare across the spectrum of complex and unpredictable multi-domain environments.

Par Andrew Catoire