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The political construction of the French nuclear consensus

Strategic research and historiography put forward the idea of ​​a French national consensus on foreign and security policy based on the rallying of the left to the strike force at the end of the 1970s.

By Yannick Pincé

Analysis of Russian Airpower in the 21st Century

Russia intends on utilizing its airpower to conduct offensive power projection in neighboring countries and to defend itself from Western encroachment.

By John Gerlach

The Evolution of Command and Control (C2) in Multi-Domain Operations

Over the past two decades, several states in competition with the United States have capitalized on advances in technology and are now capable of challenging U.S. operational dominance in all domains. To counter this threat, the United States and its allies have adopted a doctrine of “multi-domain operations”. The complexity of this new strategy requires advances in communications technology, evolution and adaptation of artificial intelligence, and an overhaul of current command structures and processes.

By John Gerlach