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Model digital transformation for Defense organizations : In search of the Fit

Defense organizations have always been confronted with the question of integrating technological innovations. These technologies can be used in the context of operational actions, but they also serve to improve the performance of defense organizations (Joint forces headquarters, planning staffs for example).

By Jean-Fabrice Lebraty

The digital integration of armies, from tactical incorporation to strategic conjunction

The implementation of digital tools in the armed forces has led to upheavals at both an organizational and human level, which cannot be understood from a simple technical or technological point of view. For this reason, this paper focuses on conducting a human and sociological analysis centered on the process of “digitalization of armies” rather than analyzing cyber separate from the rest of the armed forces.

By Antony Dabila

Artificial Intelligence & Defense. What is at stake

Artificial intelligence is currently a “hot topic” in defense matters. This new technology simultaneously creates fears and sets high expectations. Despite the large amount of literature written about AI and defense, it is difficult to distinguish its true impacts and estimate when they could occur.

By Renaud Bellais