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IESD is hiring its next Research Fellow

IESD is opening a new position for a confirmed researcher, already holding a Ph.D., working in the field of Strategic Studies and more particularly in Nuclear Studies.

In addition to his or her own research, the IESD researcher will be responsible for the “Nuclear” research axis, within the “Interconnection of High Strategic Capabilities” project.

Labeled since 2021 as a “Center of Excellence in Strategic Research”, IESD wishes to integrate a researcher who can organize the various research projects in strategic studies of IESD, while pursuing his own research in the nuclear field. The future research fellow will also be responsible for supervising the administrative support and financial supervision of IESD, under the responsibility of the institute’s director.


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These responsibilities involve the following tasks:

  • Follow-up and accompaniment of the research projects that make up the main axis of the academic project and the scientific productions that are attached to it (publications, database, scientific events, research seminars).
  • Organization and planning of scientific publications (Research Notes, Policy Papers, Critical Reviews) composing the IESD collections, as well as of its scientific events (colloquia, study days, seminars).
  • In charge of the IESD website, the animation of its content and the maintenance of its services for the IESD website, the animation of its content, and the maintenance of its services.
  • Carrying out his own scientific activities (articles, colloquia, seminars, presence in external scientific committees) in the field of strategic studies and participating in the scientific influence of the ESDI through his publications.

As far as his or her own work is concerned, the Research Fellow must have carried out work and published in the field of nuclear studies, in their strategic dimension. He/she will supervise the work of the Research Fellows and P.hD students working on this subject. He/she will also coordinate the contribution of Associate Fellows working on related subjects, under the responsibility of the director and the scientific coordinator of the institute.

This follow-up involves the following tasks:

  • Leading the major research project of the IESD related to the creation of a database dedicated to the actors of the New Space.
  • Preparing and organizing scientific events related to space strategy issues (including a colloquium to be held in the first semester of the year 21-22).
  • To lead an annual research seminar dedicated to military space.
  • Participate regularly in the scientific activities of the Institute.

To apply, you can send until March 31, 2022 your CV and a letter presenting your profile and research to the following address: iesd.contact@gmail.com

For more information on the position, please consult and download the attached job description!


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