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Gerlach PP John Gerlach - Analysis of Russian Airpower in the 21st Century

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Russia intends on utilizing its airpower to conduct offensive power projection in neighboring countries and to defend itself from Western encroachment. This concept of airpower falls in line with Russia’s national objectives, which are to regain worldwide recognition as a great power, reclaim and secure Russia’s influence over former Soviet controlled nations, and to portray itself as a regional powerbroker in order to regain credibility so it can rewrite the liberal global order and counter US influence. Additionally, Russia is in the process of acquiring fifth-generation fighter aircraft and advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for reasons of supporting its military industrial complex and keeping pace technologically with its Western competitors. Despite acquisition of this advanced technology, trends in combat operations and training exercises suggest Russia will utilize these advanced platforms in traditional mission sets.

John Gerlach - The Evolution of Command and Control in Mult-Domain Operations John Gerlach - The Evolution of C2 in Multi-Domain Operations

Abstract :

Throughout the past two decades, adversarial nations have capitalized on advancements in technology and are now capable of contesting operations in all domains.  In order to counter this threat, the United States and its allies have adopted a Multi-Domain Battle doctrine.  The complexity of this new strategy requires advancements in communications technologies, the adaptation of artificial intelligence, and a redesign of current command structures and processes.  This research paper seeks to quantify the effects of Multi-Domain Operations on command and control.  A comparative analysis is made between the current C2 challenges and capabilities.  This analysis provides the context for the proposed recommendations of implementing force-wide information sharing technology, adapting artificial intelligence software, and accomplishing necessary structural reforms.  The status quo is incapable of effectively responding to contested operations in a Multi-Domain environment.  Command and Control must evolve.